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Old 11-28-2012, 10:43 AM
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Cannot read dongle over network from VMWare ESX


We currently have our EFI Colorproof XF software running on a PC with 64- bit Windows 7, but since we need higher productivity, we want to move the software to a Virtual Server running 64-bit Windows 2008r2 Server on a VMWare ESX 5 platform.

I have previously done the same with software from other vendors, where we used a piece of software called "USB over Network" that allowed the VM to connect to a PC where the USB-dongles were installed.

When I try this with our EFI-software, this is not possible even though the Windows device manager shows the dongle. The installer reports "No dongle can be found".

I also tried using the "AnywhereUSB" box from Digi, since I know it has been used for this purpose by other people, but with same result.

According to my reseller, EFI doesn't support this, and have no knowledge about what might work.

Am I really the only one trying to install EFI software on a VMWare ESX 5 platform, or can anyone give me a hint how to do this?

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Old 11-28-2012, 11:02 AM
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Hi Lars,

your reseller is right. VM is not supported.
But the problem you have during installation might be solved when you do the installation without remote connection. So connect monitor, keybord and mouse to the machine and try to run the installer again. When the installation was running successful you should be able to use remote connection again.

Regards, Jo
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