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Disabling output profile when printing profiling chart.

As far as I know, the color management on the RIP level must be disabled to create an accurate profile, but I can't seem to disable color management on any of my Fiery RIPs. The output profile has no selection for none and even if the CMYK/RGB source profiles are disabled there is still a color shift depending on which output profile I select so that is not disabling the color management either. Right now I am creating the profile by setting the cmyk profile to none and after it is created placing the custom profile as the CMYK simulation. I then only send RGB data to the printer so it can be routed through the custom profile. I don't think this is the best way to do it, but it is the only way I can conceive that wouldn't cause my custom profile to be affected by the output profile.
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Printing Profile Targets


Thank you for the questions, the online help guide can also provide information about this topic, click the question mark icon on the interface for further details.

Color Profiler Suite has easy to use options when you are profiling a Fiery driven printer for currently released Fiery products. Install the Fiery print driver on your client and select that printer from the PostScript Printer list. The PPD will provide information to Color Profiler Suite to help determine recommended settings for separations and calibration type. Check the Preset section to verify if the PPD is providing the correct Color space manufacture and model of your Fiery before continuing.

Color Profiler Suite can build a Fiery Calibration into the profile when you select the Optimize Calibration option. If you would prefer to build a calibration through ColorWise ProTool's Calibrator first then select the Use current calibration option in Color Profiler Suite. In the Fiery print driver change the CMYK simulation to None. The None setting disables color management because the incoming data is not converted from simulation to output. And this will print the profile target with your current Fiery calibration.

After the profile target is measured and a profile is created you will need to use the Profile Manager to import the profile as an output profile and associate the calibration set when importing. Set the new profile as the default output profile or use Color Setup to configure the Fiery color workflow. You can undo the RGB to CMYK simulation workflow as the Fiery will convert incoming RGB data from the RGB simulation to the Fiery output profile. Sending the RGB data through the CMYK simulation will reduce the potential color of your RGB images as they are converted twice, once into the CMYK simulation and again into the CMYK output.
-- Matt MP

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