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Old 03-06-2008, 07:05 AM
leegreen leegreen is offline
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New to Colour Management


HW: Xerox 6075 II w/ Fiery IC-404 + EFI CPS 1000

My first requirement is to get my monitor and print output matching.

I can calibrate my monitor using the Profiler Suite, and I can make ICC profiles for my different media...

But what is the trick to matching my monitor to my print? Must if manually edit the profiles on screen based on the printers output and match it manually by eye while editing the profile on the monitor?

My local distributor was little help when it came to training on this device.

Any info to help would be appreciated..

Lee :
Old 03-19-2008, 03:24 AM
MattP MattP is offline
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Proofing Workflows

Hi Lee,

When you are comparing prints to monitor display there are a copule of best practices as well as expectations you should consider. At a fundamental level, computer monitors and printing devices simulate color with different processes. Your typical monitor can simulate many colors that cannot be printed, but some colors that print that are not well simulated on a monitor. Use the Inspector to compare your monitor and printer profile to get a visual representation of where there is an overlap between the color each device can image.

Your viewing environment should include controlled lighting such as D50 or 6500K. For your monitor profile you should pick a temperature that is visually close to the appearance of paper white in the lighting. If you are profiling an LCD monitor, the monitors native white point is typically the best looking to the eye.

Before editing your profiles, make sure the simulation profile for both the viewing and print workflows are the same. Printing images will give you additional options like choosing a rendering intent that may need to be syncrozied between your print and viewing workflow to improve the match. With these steps in mind the color appearance should be very close. You may need to make a few edits to improve the match, but if you find the appearance is very different then it is likely the monitor and printer are not targeting the same simulation profile.
-- Matt MP
Old 07-21-2009, 11:19 AM
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Please also remember however good you make the match it is never going to appear perfect to the trained eye as the Monitor uses additive primaries to pruduct the light transmitted to the eye and the paper uses subtractive primerys to reflect the viewing light source back to the eye.

An acceptably good match still should be possible though.

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