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Old 09-11-2011, 05:25 PM
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black type in images printing green

A couple of years ago when I first bought this software it seemed to work pretty well, nowadays (after several os updates both major and minor) not so much

I am using an HP designjet 130nr and v5.1.7 (latest version) of the software, with all available updates including os x script update and updated papers.

Whenever I proof a layout, all black in the image/layout is printed out as a combination of cmy with no k (black). The blacks look like a dark and ugly green and the print is totally useless for showing a client as a proof. This occurs in both type and images but funnily enough not in the default job ticket which prints in a nice solid single color black.

This problem occurs whenever I use the EFI profiles in the color section of the preferences regardless of what paper type or CMYK profile/setting I use.
I have gone into the advanced tab and selected 'use black inks only on text and images'. I have tried all variations and combinations of theses settings but to no avail.

If however I choose the Colorsync settings and profiles, I can actually get the black to print correctly but the other colors are no longer accurate. Also If I use the colorsync settings I don't then have the option to proof in 'USWebCoatedSWOP' which is my preferred profile to use.

I am getting better quality prints by printing from Indesign/photoshop direct and avoiding EFi designer Edition altogether, but these non Designer Edition prints are not accurate proofs and not good enough for client use either.

I am on os x 10.6.8, have downloaded SP7, the latest paper profiles/updates etc. I have also completely re-installed and uninstalled the application several times, I have also tried running a demo version of the software on a second mac (os x 10.6.8) and on a windows 7 pc all with the same results.

I have wasted a heap of paper, time and effort trying to sort this out and have gotten no closer to a cause/solution.
There is obviously a problem with the Designer Edition for HP software or issues between the software and OS as printing direct and not through the software gets a better result as does printing a simple sample page print created at the printer level.

I have had to outsource client proofs which is crazy after having spent $3000 on the printer and another $800 on the EFI Designer Edition for HP.

Trying to get any information and help is frustrating, EFI list HP as providing support while HP suggest going to EFI. Trying to find out anything about this software such as supported OS, its current status and any support is concerning. Resellers are still stocking and selling this software but if you look around the EFi site it is so non represented that you'd think this software is EOL'd except for this forum and the odd obscure link.

I am now so frustrated that I am ready to look into a whole new proofing solution, I'd upgrade to a different EFI solution if I knew my problems would be solved as I do like how easy and straightforward the interface of Designer Edition is.

Sorry for my long rant, just wanted to find out;

Are these issues with Designer Edition for HP, OS X 10.6.8, Adobe CS5 and the Designjet 130nr known about?
If so, what can I do apart from what I have already done (as listed above)?
If there isn't anything I can do, if Designer Edition for HP is EOL'd, Is there an upgrade path I can follow?
Who do I speak to or contact regarding this as I have to find some sort of solution to this problem for my client needs outside of throwing the printer and software in the bin and looking for a whole new solution.
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